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The Celine R. Lopez Diaries

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Thursday, August 28th, 2003
1:41 pm - To the sweethearts who have been emailing...
Please try celinerlopez@hotmail.com . Cheers!

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Sunday, August 3rd, 2003
Scandale blogs and other spam
From coffee to cocktails By Celine R. Lopez
The Philippine STAR 08/03/2003

The Internet has been the information super-highway of the
academically indolent set. The pimp for all socially inept horn dogs. The medium in which many long-distance love affairs were saved through email and video conferencing. I remember it being a complicated potholed street with cryptic directions only to be read by those who created it. That was then and today it’s a library, a mall, a "scene" all on its own and a loony bin of sorts too. You can download music, movie, marry someone, arrange an orgy, buy rare vintage finds or anything actually, get your diploma, or even swap friends via Friendster. Businesses are conducted using the Net as well. It has become a vital part of the way we live.

When chatting became the craze sometime in the early Doc Martens revival years, I wanted to be a step up from the rest and tried porn chat. A child of Hefner and Flynt (got the truth about the birds and the bees through skin rags left lying around in study) I lapped up the scandale true confessions portion with the curious appetite of a scholar. Putting my education to good use, I clicked to some rinky-dink free site, a red light district version of a fourth-world country (so bad it doesn’t exist). Anyway, I logged in as Cynthia (no reason, just sounded mature at that time) and met my boyfriends (and girlfriends) for the hour. We all decided to get a little cliquish and create a "room" where all sorts of naked techie Delilah ensued.

I was asked to do many things Xerex would have blushed at. As high as my tolerance for nastiness is, I logged out being the first one to leave the party (which in real life never happens).

After my brush with the dark underbelly of the World Wide Web, I decided that I would stick to things that I wouldn’t be ashamed to appear in my history file (sites previously visited). So I reverted to the virtuous sites of Pagesix.com, Daily dish, Daily Candy, The Smoking Gun, Rotten and just recently, Gawker. An especially great hobby fit for the artful dodger who pretends to work but in reality is lapping up one thousand useless bits of info. If only I had the same dedication for useful things – oh, the possibilities!

Google and its arguably lesser counterparts is also a great tool for traveling around the web. Especially useful in looking up nemeses and potential hook-ups. You can search the file on your next victim, after all a little bit of info for a proactive lot is plenty. Tried and tested with a couple of blind dates. A dirty habit, of course, but an equally pleasurable one is indulging in the narcissistic exercise of searching yourself (oh, you will burn in google purgatory if you don’t admit to this!). For those who have not, try on your down time, see how many people have the same name as you or perhaps discover your place at the WWW. When I google mine, I find myself straddling between plastic surgery wonders Jennifer Lopez and Celine Dion. Perhaps this is as close as I can get to bling-bling land.

However, googling specifically enough can send you to the netherworld of delilahland. My friend Myrza Sison told me at the backstage of a fashion show while I was googling some beefy male models on my own, that there was a scandale blog with a faux me (how bad is that˜beyond Shenzhen) whipping out acerbic observations. Along with it were equally mordant revelations of myself like rhinoplasty (if I paid for my nose it would definitely not look like this), drinking alone (not quite Hemingway yet), bitchy comments about things found in a freebie bin (Do I look like I live in Conde Nast?), snuggling with Vic with a tub of Haagen Dazs on a quiet night (really now) and using the word shenanigan (I love my grandfather but I’m not him!). Some caring tips posted by fellow readers such as being a pseudo-celeb (fun people really), needing my boobs done (I agree), to sarcastic comments on my "writing" (sarcasm is my favorite trait) and stating that I had enough friends (friends are like shoes, you can never have too many for any occasion). All in all it was good fun (flattering even that I could spawn enough irritating agents to make someone do something like that!) except that the people who posted seemed to believe that it was really me. Even one friend who the Delilah faker insulted with the most dismal and banal of reasons for a moment thought I dissed her. That gave me a queasy feeling in my tummy that beat any Kankunis attack. I am a blogger too with my friend Luis Espiritu. I realize how easy it is to post something tres fakey as it doesn’t even ask verification of identity. Same with e-mails, someone can literally open an account under your name and send Delilah e-mails around the world using your identity.

Now, is that not truly scary? The Internet has introduced a whole new world for us. A world where virtual sometimes becomes real. Who knows where this will take us. Will it be something like the Jetsons and all of the human race will perpetually be in Paco Rabanne outfits or more like the Matrix in lots of Lang and Margiela to keep us warm with yummy but emotionally unavailable Neo to scam on. Stay connected!

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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
12:04 pm - Party's over *poof* out of time
Sorry my dear Anonymous fans, I've just had it up to here with your shenanigans. Anonymous comments disabled. Now get your friends to give you codes so you can have fancy journals like mine. Cheers!

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Tuesday, July 1st, 2003
6:39 pm - Sans Delilah on a Saturday Night
I'm currently reading a novel I recently picked up from my freebies bin. Lord knows how often I get free stuff but they usually end up in the garbage, because I'm too lazy to give them to Manang who sells roses down the lobby. This time I was taken by the raves and waves in the java-filled air of every Starbucks I go to (have to nurse the regular hangover y'know). Anyway, it's "The Breakup Diaries" by Maya O. Calica. At first I was taken aback by its modest look, I mean if it weren't for the bookpaper it's printed on, I would've mistaken it for those Tagalog romances with crude drawings I saw in National Bookstore (don't ask me why I was there, I randomly make pilgrimages to my own book just to check what kind of people read them or if they're off the shelves already). I can't blame the book's up-and-coming visage, we can't all have hardcover books (like mine), you know. Maybe their target market is the working woman, for the book nicely sits on my hand as I let my french tips dry.

Content-wise, I guess I can relate with having a broken heart, but to wear a dress with a price tag? Not fight at all. I will update you as I go further down the book.

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Friday, June 13th, 2003
6:34 pm - Will and Grace?
*sigh* V is not talking to me. He says I spend too much time with Tim. But what can I do? V can't even tell the difference between the thong you wear on your feet and the thong I got him last Christmas! It's not like he's so happy about shopping for 8 hours straight in Soho! He says I stay in Tim's condo too much, that I don't have parties in OUR studio anymore, that even if I'm with V, all I talk about is Tim, that Tim and I talk too much over the fone or texting too much! It makes me so sad because the relationship between a gay man and a woman is not to be meddled with; it's sacred and honest. We feed off each other's vibes, we're peas in a pod, we're like 2 bath balls in the bathtub of life! I believe my growth as a woman involves the intervention of a gay man. How can I be complete if I can't pick between a mule and nude sandals? This reminds me of a Will and Grace episode when Grace's boyfriend was jealous of Will because they seem to be "closer". I can't blame Grace, remember how Nathan (her boyfriend) hyperventilated in the middle of a Barney's sale? Thats exactly how I feel about this whole issue. (sigh) I'm glad I can vent on LJ, this has been too much for today...time to mix a cosmo...

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Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
10:53 am - My Dear Carrie Bradshaw...
J'adore Carrie.

I can't say the same for Sarah Jessica Parker though. Sometimes I wonder if she's snorted too much, took too much ephedrine, or maybe that Garnier Nutrisse is too much on her scalp. She just gave birth to a baby, and here's what she's got to say: (thanks imdb)

(About being a "fashion plate") "There are simply things that I don't feel 'ready to wear'... Get it? So one must consider these things." She also doesn't want other new mothers to feel intimidated by how quickly she got back into shape following the pregnancy, adding, "I was forced to get in shape. I had a clock ticking and I just did the best I could. I'm sort of reluctant to talk about how I got back into shape because there's a standard that's realistic and unrealistic to me. I am lucky that I have money for child care and access to private work-out sessions."

Sarah dear, we know that, I know that, no need to feel guilty for your masses (i.e. sad mommies hoping for their size 16 to upturn).

Then again, sometimes, she comes off as insecure. On Britney Spears: (I have a theory this was due to her pregnancy mood swings)

"I worked too damn hard to get this show to where it is today, and I'll be damned if I'm going to be upstaged by a Mouseketeer," Sarah demanded. A close source also said the star believed it was "just a casting gimmick" and "she didn't like the idea of a 20-year-old on the show making her look like a much older woman."

Also, she becomes shizo and believes she's Carrie! On why she's fighting for the fact that Carrie shouldn't get pregnant:

"I like the idea that she's very aware of age and what should be more appropriate," Parker said. "It's a conflict to want to be this single woman in Manhattan, but also to have things that are meaningful and substantial in her life."

It's really odd how these Sex and the City girls sometimes blur the line between "art" and reality. Kim Catrall once said her character Samantha "helped" her get through a divorce... oy, schizophrenia called, she wants her sanity back!

Ah but tis a very entertaining show! Now when will they start talking about STDs?

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Monday, June 9th, 2003
12:28 pm - my nose, my nose, my kingdom for a nose!
what's the big deal about rhinoplasty? Sure, Dr. Vicky has stared at me long enough to bring up the idea, and when I was in grade school, my half-white classmates mocked me with their genetically perfect nosies, but I don't see why my roots have to be altered for the sake of (ah, the word!) vanity. Sure, I down ephedrine as often as Michael Jackson gets fondled by a 12 year old boy, I religiously hit the gym in the manner of the rosary, but going under the knife is a totally different deal. slightly unnatural, a lil bit too morbid for me, and I just might be allergic to anaesthesia. Call me Lo-nose anytime!


This is so not fight.Collapse )

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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
10:41 am - don't be fooled by the rocks that i got...
Whoever said I'm not techno-savvy?

This is but an example of my techno-wizzy fingers creating art digitale. And now i have a livejournal! I can't believe I'm doing this just now, Tim was telling me that all the techno geeks are doing it. Well, since I'm not about to wear a trucker hat a la NYC, might as well join the club, what with my extreme fascination with myself and all (winky wink). Besides, it's a good way to vent since I'm trying to cut down on the cosmos. It's been rainy and the weather's all too good to just snuggle up to V with a tub of Haagen Dazs with Mad About You on tv... or not! one can take the girl out of the party but they can't take the party out of the girl! Cheers to my first entry! now how do I make new friends...(not like I need any more of course).

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